Blogs are the first thing to follow, when one is trying to acquire a new skill or get updated news on the same. UX is one of the hot topic today and every startup to multi-national companies are into user experience as it gives an thorough indepth understanding about the customers/users of the product. Below is the list of blogs or websites every user experience designer should follow –

1. Smashing Magazine

User Experience category of Smashing Magazine is one the first place to check which lists UX based tutorials and news updates.


UX Collective site lists the curated articles on UX topic, if your an UX designer and wouldn’t like to miss any good article on UX, you must follow this website. 

3. UX Magazine

UX Magazine is another online magazine that lists publications on user experience topic.

4. UX Mastery

There is lot of cool information for UX designers especially for beginners. Apart for articles/blogs, they have pretty good book to kick start one’s career in UX industry.

5. Usabilla

Usabilla is some design firm’s blog which concentrates mostly on UX, if one is looking for information, 

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